Emotionstore is the event and incentive management unit of the Travelstore Group that designs and implements all types of corporate events, incentive trips, meetings, congresses and conferences. Through creative and innovative strategies aligned with the vision of each client, we handle everything from A to Z, in Portugal or in any other part of the world.

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& Incentives

A business event has very particular needs. It is fundamental to know the national and international market well, understand social, cultural and legal frameworks, perceive limitations and opportunities in the selection of spaces. Emotionstore is powered by American Express Meetings and Events and the worldwide implementation capability of the Global DMC Partners network to ensure that everything goes as planned.



  • Team building
  • Corporate events
  • Social responsibility
  • Conferences / seminars
  • Scenic setting
  • Communication media



  • Communication:
  • Websites, invitations, newsletters, etc.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Technology for accreditation
  • Event Set:
  • Stage, audience, partitions,
  • Furniture, etc.
  • Audio-visual

Additional Services


  • Professional Catering
  • Stage management
  • Hosts
  • Transport
  • Business Intelligence of the event;
  • Platform for event management


We have the ability to implement any corporate event. Whatever the industry sector, our team of experts supports the definition of concept, structure and implementation of the project. In Portugal or abroad, we guarantee transportation, accommodation, communication, production and all the logistics associated with the event.


We work objectively so that each event is a memorable experience for all guests. We have the experience and the international partners to advise emotions in any part of the world, whatever the size and typology of the group.

Team building

Each group has its own history. That’s why we envisage team building, reward, and team motivation activations focused on customer-defined business objectives. This thematic adaptation process ensures higher satisfaction rates.

All around the world. 24/7

Our Headquarter is in Lisbon, but we work all over the world. We are the Travelstore Group’s event and incentive business unit, which guarantees us the safety and competence to work on any of the 5 continents. We provide a 24/7 contact for all logistical management related to the event and support for participants.




In all events, we analyse brand positioning, values ​​and goals. We increase the impact of the experience because we imagine it to the measure of the target and we adapt the message to its specific profile. We do not have templates; we have a team that imagines and implements events with well-defined goals.



Our multidisciplinary team imagines events tailored to each business objective. We place creativity in the vision of brands to ensure that everything makes sense.

stop shop


We implement business events from start to finish. From the idea, to the analysis of results, through space, accommodation, communication and production of materials.



We have the know-how and technology that ensures the coordination and professional management of all the moments of an event. We specialize in emotions.

and Innovation


We support the implementation of our ideas with management technology and guest interaction adapted to any size or type of event.



We process and present relevant information to our customers about all consumptions related to the event. We ensure the control of budgets, using tools that allow us to identify savings.

Travelstore Group

Our dynamics are supported by the strength and solidity of the Travelstore Group which is present today in the markets of Portugal, Angola, Algeria and Mozambique. The sharing of knowledge among the various business units of the Group is fundamental to guarantee the excellence of service in all sectors of activity. We continue to grow grounded in the Group’s leading security business travel and corporate event organization.

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We partner with American Express Meetings and Events, a leader in the area of ​​events, benefiting from a network of more than 1000 project managers spread across 140 countries.

We are integrated into the Global network of DMC Partners that brings together the best DMC companies in more than 100 countries, thereby gaining access to best practices and experts around the world.


Our team is comprised of experts with extensive experience in corporate events, incentive trips, reward programs, presentations or team building activations. We work on processes that generate ideas and concepts that are really relevant to the universe of each client. For us, every event we organize is unique and we put all our efforts into it. We are bold and we have a mission, to grow in a sustainable way and to become in the short term the greatest national reference in the area of ​​events and incentives.

Do you identify with our way of being? Do you like working on events? Do you want to be part of our team?

Submit here your application.




Like the old saying “the good son always returns home” and after some years in other places Diogo is back to Emotionstore, now as leader of the most creative unit of the Travelstore Group. Going to the movies is a must for this Star Wars fan, and music has accompanied him since he was 16, when he started playing his first chords on a guitar. Adventurous by nature, he does not forget the trip he made to Africa at the time of the World Cup, where he had the privilege of witnessing the joy and enthusiasm and the chance to be part of an event of such magnitude. He knows, with his eyes closed, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. 





An Adventurer, Charline loves exploring new places, having fun hiking or trekking. Enjoying moments, not things is the main motto of this minimalist Belgian in love with Lisbon and octopus à lagareiro. She lived in five different countries and her first group was in Peru. The passion for travel came as a child, where she began to discover the world through magazines such as National Geographic.




First, she was a Biology and Geology professor for 10 years, then discovered her second passion, Tourism. She takes all the chances she can get to go to beach, especially if accompanied by her young son. The gym and going out with friends are two of her favourite hobbies. Catarina is a fan of Bill Bryson and can’t help sharing a tear whenever she sees the movie “The Notebook”.




To burn off the calories of the Cod with Corn Bread, his favourite dish, Hugo surfs and at the gym he boxes, does Spartans and Crossfit. Frequently envied by the rest of team due to an all year-round suntan, it’s been a long time since our former professional swimmer found his passion for events. His favourite movies are: “The Silent of the Lambs”, “Fight Club”, and “The Endless Summer”.


We are available to assist you on making you project come through. Shall we schedule a meeting to present services? Contact us by email, telephone or via the following form. See you soon!

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Telephone: +351 213 565 300  |  E-Mail: info@emotionstore.pt

Traveler Support 24/7: +351 213 565 340


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